Cozy systems is a proud AWS Consulting Partner with years of industry experience delivering custom solutions designed and built to fit the unique needs of companies across multiple verticals. Whether you’re already on the AWS Cloud, a newcomer to the ecosystem, or are looking to migrate your data and apps,

Cozy systems can manage your AWS with our industry-leading satisfaction rating. . We have top notch technology experts that include Accredited AWS Business Professionals, Accredited AWS Technical Professionals, AWS Certified Professional Solutions Architects.

We specialize in helping our customers navigate the complex suite of AWS cloud services. You success in gaining the right business advantage using Amazon Web Services is our goal. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the premier platform for businesses to scale growth in a way that is affordable, secure, reliable, and flexible.

Providing a Path to Success on AWS

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 Across the Board AWS Expertise

If you’ve ever been through the AWS service catalog, you were likely overwhelmed at the sheer amount of what is available. Affirma’s deep understanding of the AWS ecosystem ensures that we can strategically advise and reliably implement the best scalable solutions for your organization’s needs.

“Not only is Affirma a Strategic Development Partner, they also teach and guide us as a company. With a partnership like that, it leaves us both with endless future opportunities.”

Road-mapping to Success

Take your infrastructure to the cloud seamlessly with Affirma. Our AWS experts implement an architecture that’s most sensible for your unique business needs — saving you time and getting you up and running sooner. We also ensure that security, data protection, and policies are enacted as necessary.

Application Development and Support

If your applications need more than just a lift-and-shift to get running on AWS, our team can re-platform or re-architect to make your existing applications compatible with AWS. Our experienced engineers can offer the same services for mobile applications as well. One of our key priorities is to ensure you and your team are able to keep your existing operating procedures and working style.

Consulting Services

When you need assistance defining and designing a solution, or managing your implementations:

Our AWS-certified Solutions Architects work with you to define your new project plan, or define strategies to manage or optimize your existing implementations.

Need AWS Certified Experts working onsite?

Hire experts to migrate, design, build, or manage your AWS deployments:


We provide professionals from our network of over 250 AWS-Certified experts. We vetted these individuals to ensure they meet our standards – and yours. These experts are available on-site at your location across the US and UK for short- or long-term contracts, or we can help you find the right person to join as a permanent full-time employee.

Here is brief overview of just some of the AWS solutions we can help you with…

Datacenter Migration

Many companies first venturing into the “cloud space” prefer to start with a so-called lift-and-shift migration, a process that has the least possible effect on existing infrastructure. We know how to do this quickly, efficiently and reliably, so that you can immediately reap the benefits of reduced overhead without the need for re-factoring your applications and services.

Data and File Backup

Cloud backups of data and files are efficient, cost-effective and secure. We can assist in designing and implementing a cloud backup strategy that is right for you, whether it be for compliance, disaster-recovery, archiving or any other purpose.

Re-factoring for Serverless Architecture

Already in the cloud, and want to take full advantage of all the optimizations and savings that it offers? Just starting, and want to “do it right from the beginning”? Our highly qualified, certified experts will assist you with designing (or redesigning) your applications and services to make full use of the serverless technologies being offered by AWS, such as Lambda, Elastic Container Services, Aurora, and more, further driving down your cost of operation while increasing the reliability, availability and scalability of your applications and services to meet any demand.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities of cloud technologies are vast, and growing by leaps and bounds. Our teams of experienced specialists stand ready to ensure that you can take every advantage of the multitude of AWS cloud technologies, no matter the size and complexity of your project.

Enterprise AWS Migration Services

Reduced risk, expert counsel

Help enterprises identify applications and workloads best suited for POCs

Consistency and repeatability

Speed migrations by providing templates to meet your unique needs

Minimize your time, maximize results

Use our proven methodology to collect the right business and technical information to efficiently create architectural patterns to meet your requirements

Rapidly progress projects