Whether you are on premise or in the cloud, embracing the DevOps practice is cultural shift that must come from within the organization. While you do that, we will help you architect the DevOps practice within your organization to ease innovation and ensure the best practices and technology are embedded into the business infrastructure. We want to help our customers’ service and operations team to work at their full potential at full speed with lesser dependencies. What we built for our customers is a ‘DevOps Adoption Framework’ with a suite of industry standard tools that fits right into our customer requirements.

Just go give you a perspective, once we engage with the customer, our standard DevOps assessment model follow the below verticals. We call this our ‘DevOps magic pillars’.

CI/CD Platform

Container Platform Adoption

Infrastructure Automation & Software Configuration management


Cloud Adoption (AWS, Azure)

DevOps Automation tooling suite (Custom tooling in Golang & Python)